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Virtual Toys Ghost of tashima Jin Sakai

Virtual Toys Ghost of tashima Jin Sakai

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100% sealed and authentic 

Ghost of tashima 

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Product Description:
- Head sculpt and headband
- Highly poseable body
- 9 exclusive hands include:
- A pair of hands for holding item(s)
- A Pair of claw hands
- A pair of hands for holding katana
- A pair of relaxed hands
- One hand for holding the bow

- Scarf
- A standard cloak
- Grey printed long sleeve coat
- Fabric skirt
- Wide-legged pants
- A pair of calf sleeves
- Dark blue belt
- Light green chest strap
- Brown rope at chest
- Brown rope belt
- Light green rope
- Other kinds of rope
- Back pouch*2
- Storage state kunai*2
- Full set of armor
- Custom boots

- Katana*1
- Wakizashi*1
- Sinobigatana*1
- Short Yumi *1
- Normal arrows(yellow) *3
- Heavy arrows(red)*3
- Kunai*2
- Smoke bomb*1
- Sticky bomb*1
- Shakuhachi*1
- The standard edition’s base

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